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Quality E-Bikes to Live a Beautiful Adventure

About The E-Bikes

The electric bikes are perfect for all ages and abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist, a casual rider, or a child, I have an electric bike for you! Besides that, they represent my commitment to sustainability. By choosing this electric bikes, you contribute to a greener and cleaner planet.

Kids Stuff

Include this high quality gear for your ride with the kids!

  • MTB Tandem kids

    E-MTB with bike for 4 – 8 year olds

  • Thule rear seat

    Rear seat for 2 – 6 year olds

  • Cargo bike for two 3 – 9 year olds

Where to Get Your Bike

  • Bike Delivery

    Everywhere in Trasmiera.

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  • Workshop Omoño

    Start your journey from our workshop.

    View Location

  • Cabárceno Wildlife Park

    Pick up your e-bike at the entrance.

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  • Hotel / Apartment

    Check where our bikes are ready to use.

    View Hotels